Intuitive Coaching

I offer:

Bespoke individual coaching sessions and workshops to support holistic wellbeing: promoting a balance between body, mind, heart and soul. These programmes allow you to explore what that means to you, expand your capacity to achieve it and bring balance and flow to your life.


If you’re already on a path of awareness but know you could explore it more fully, have more fun or perhaps discover meaningful new meanderings with someone alongside you… whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned traveller… I’m a wonderful companion – I love the journey and have a wealth of tools to help you on your way.

You will discover new ways of being, to:

  • grow;
  • keep living your best life; whatever that means to you;
  • be the contribution you are meant to be.

If you’re experiencing ‘NOT THIS… I believe we all have the resources and expertise to generate our own solutions – and sometimes we get stuck, have change thrust upon us, or any number of other reasons that have us feel less than joyful. You know you want something else; you may not know what it is yet but you know it’s not this. I can help you gain vision and clarity, become unstuck or find your way to manage the change.

I provide:

  • a safe space for you to explore what’s not working for you;
  • an objective viewpoint – free from judgement;
  • reflections so you can hear yourself clearly, perhaps for the first time;
  • insightful questions when you need them and challenges when they’re needed too;
  • a giant ear, listening for your greatness.

You will:

  • gain clarity and vision on what it is you really want;
  • recognise your potential;
  • learn how to overcome obstacles and step up to challenges;
  • take the actions that will help you achieve fulfilment;

Contact me for an initial, no-obligation exploratory conversation.