Hi! I’m Rose Dixey and I help people live joyfully.

I’m a wellbeing coach and I work holistically, drawing on a wide range of tools and techniques tailored to your individual needs. My skills include reiki, body wisdom, talking therapies and naturopathic nutrition, as well as facilitating fabulous group sessions like Fresh Air Fridays.

Everything I do is designed to help you bring balance and flow into your life so you can live to your full potential.

Contact me for an initial no-obligation exploratory conversation!

wellbeing - intuitive coaching

Intuitive Coaching

I help you bring harmony and flow to your mind, heart and soul. I love working with people to explore what balance is for them and what actions will help achieve it on both personal and professional issues.

wellbeing - naturopathic nutrition

Naturopathic Nutrition

Using diet and nutrition to achieve balance on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels, I help you live joyfully and in alignment with your deepest self. You can build your health every day.

wellbeing - Fresh Air Fridays

Fresh Air Fridays

Fresh Air Fridays supports you to have time in a natural environment and teaches you skills that enable you to grow in both your personal and work life. Available as community or business programmes.