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Fresh Air Fridays is about giving you time in the right environment to create the balance you need to live a happy, healthy life. We do this by guiding you through a process of 12 themes whilst being outside in nature. One in four people in the UK suffer some sort of mental ill health; most of us know how to look after our physical health, but very few of us know about how to look after our mental and emotional well-being. At Fresh Air Fridays we teach skills that help prevent you suffering in this way.

Who is it for?

Pretty much everyone, but you particularly if you are too busy, feeling overwhelmed, worrying about stuff, stuck in your work or home life or just know that you really need some space! It will make your family life easier, your work life better and you will feel happier.

It is relaxed, easy and great fun – we would love you to join us. Your first session is FREE!


More about Fresh Air Fridays: 

What we believe

Fresh Air Fridays is a community where you are accepted just as you are.  We believe that everyone has the capacity to be happy and that your success follows your happiness.  In order for us to thrive, we all need time in a natural environment. We support you to have that time and teach you skills that enable you to grow in both your personal and work life.

What we do

Each of our facilitators runs a monthly outdoor session where they teach you skills that support your work and home life; including relaxation techniques and how to be fully in the present moment. We have a vibrant online community where you can ask questions, get support or share ideas. We provide materials that support you in the skills that we teach. Members are able to attend as many sessions as they choose.

What happens on Fresh Air Fridays

Your facilitator leads you through a series of exercises whilst going for a gentle walk (typically 2.5-3 miles), some of which may be off paths. There will be a breathing exercise, a chance to introduce yourself, an exploration of the month’s theme, a snack break, a releasing exercise and some relaxation. You need to know nothing in advance as everything will be explained to you. The sessions happen whatever the weather so you need to dress accordingly.

Why come along

This proven set of skills is already changing the lives of many people, making them happier, more focused, more mentally resilient and more successful in all aspects of their life. Our members are taught to find their inner wisdom so they can experience the lives they want to lead now! If you know you need to look after your mental and emotional wellbeing; if you want more happiness and more success in your home and business life; if you are spending too much time working in your business and not on it; if you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed… then come along and let us support you.


I run sessions near Abercarn, Newport. Find a session near you and try your first Fresh Air Fridays for free.

If you can’t get to a session yet, the next best thing is to…
Join our online community! 
We are thrilled to be sharing these tools with you online, so you can access what you need when you need it. Each week we will send you ideas to explore the current month’s theme. There is space in our online forum to share your thoughts on the ideas and ask for any support you need. We will share with you the tools that we use in our live sessions so you can practice the things we teach at any time and in any place that suits you. Join us here.

Would you like to become a facilitator?
Do you enjoy exploring and expanding your own self development? Do you know that being outside makes you feel better? Are you good with people? Would you like to help others do the same? If you’ve answered yes to these questions this could be exactly what you’re looking for. Register your interest here.


Frequently Asked Questions about Fresh Air Fridays

How long is a Fresh Air Fridays Walk?
It depends on your local facilitator, but they range in length from 1.5 to 3hrs, they can confirm when you contact them.

When do Fresh Air Fridays walks happen?
Each facilitator sticks with the same day and time but different facilitators offer different days and times. Our vision is to have Fresh Air Fridays walks every day of the week all over the country.

What happens if the weather is bad?
As a community we don’t believe there is such a thing as bad weather only the wrong clothing.  Learning to enjoy ourselves whatever the weather is doing is a really important part of the process.  We go out whatever the weather, we just wear different clothes for different conditions. When we learn to enjoy the rain, we can learn to enjoy ourselves when it rains in our lives.

How fit/able do I have to be?
Fresh Air Fridays walks are designed to be relatively gentle walks, more about space and connection than strenuous exercise.  If you have any particular mobility issues, then please let your facilitator know.  For example, if it would be difficult for you to step over a stile, it is important to confirm with the facilitator as to whether their walk is suitable for you.

What happens if I am ill or can’t make a walk?
Your membership entitles you to attend any of the Fresh Air Fridays Walks running anywhere in the country.  So if you can’t get to your local one on a given date, you can hopefully attend a different one. You will still be delivered all the coaching materials, for you to use at your leisure.

What happens if my facilitator is ill?
If your group facilitator is unable to run a session for some reason, wherever possible an alternative facilitator will lead a walk at the same time in roughly the same place.

What do I need to bring?
Generally you don’t need to bring anything but yourself and suitable clothing.  You may choose to bring a bottle of water.

What should I wear?
You need to wear comfortable footwear that you don’t mind getting muddy or potentially wet. Layers of clothing are ideal, so that you can take things off or put them on.  Even on a hot day it is worth bringing a warm layer as sometimes groups sit down for a while. Wet weather doesn’t stop us going so make sure that you bring a waterproof coat.

Where will we go?
Your facilitator will have planned a walk suitable for the weather conditions.  They will have planned it to take in as much of our natural surroundings as possible given the area where the session is held.  You are likely to go off pavements and roads for some of the session.  Lots of our facilitators love walking in countryside, on beaches or by water so we incorporate these places where we can.

What will happen?
Your facilitator will lead you through a few exercises to help you relax and enjoy your surroundings. You will do a breathing exercise and some gentle walking; there is usually a chance for a group discussion on the month’s theme.  Some groups stop for a tea break and all of them end with a relaxation of some form.

What are the benefits?
When you come on a Fresh Air Fridays you become happier, less stressed and more joyful. You have space to think which means that you can respond to things in your life rather than react. Over time you will learn how to create more choice in your life.
One of the biggest benefits that Fresh Air Fridays provide is space to just stop and pause for a moment. Giving yourself and your brain some space and stillness is good for your mental health, concentration and focus it makes you more effective in all areas of your life.
You become part of a community that accepts and supports you just as you are, but allows you to grow in whatever way you choose.

What is the cost?
It is free to come out on your first Fresh Air Fridays walk and see for yourself how great it is.  If you choose to join the Fresh Air Fridays community, it costs £40 a month, or £400 a year. (We will never increase this amount for as long as you are a member.)

What will I get for my membership?
> Your local facilitator will provide at least one session a month.
> You can also attend any of the other Fresh Air Friday sessions going on around the country.
> Access to a supportive online community where you can share thoughts and ideas.
> You will receive by e-mail the coaching theme materials every month and diary pages that you may choose to journal on.
> Some months there will be additional materials such as a guided meditation that you can download and listen to whenever you want.

Where else are sessions happening?
The Fresh Air Fridays Community is expanding rapidly, there are currently sessions near Cardiff, Abercarn, Exeter and there will be new sessions near Bristol, Newport and Pontypridd from June 2016. More groups are planned and if you, or anyone you know would like to start one, then please get in touch.

You can also find more information on the Fresh Air Fridays website.